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foreign environmental protection industry development
article source : shandong aobo release time : 2015-04-27 pv :times

united states

us environmental industry has shown the characteristics of a mature industry: growth has slowed, peer competition, customer demand for diverse, intense price competition and reduce profits, corporate mergers frequently. us environmental companies (including state-owned and private enterprises), there are two forms: one is present on the history of public infrastructure companies, such as providing drinking water, wastewater treatment and waste management companies; second, with the development of domestic environmental regulations and implementation of the rapid rise of business, the vast majority of private companies, mainly engaged in pollution control, pollution remediation business. this environmentally friendly system has greatly promoted the development of environmental protection industry in the united states.


japan experienced an economic development has led to deteriorating environmental quality, and the emergence of many pollution incident, began to realize the importance of environmental protection, the japanese government has therefore adopted a series of environmental protection measures, and achieved success. japan environment agency to classify the environmental protection industry in the table below.

currently, japan's environmental industry has entered the stage of self-development guide the market mechanism. nearly three decades, japan's environmental policies, guidelines, environmental law, environmental standards and other measures to continue to strengthen, resulting in the environmental industry, green cleaning and consumption began to rage. environmental industry shift from a particular type of industrial pollution of all industries, from the need to go to the official civilian needs, the radiation from the city to the various regions, the market size has been expanded.


united nations environment programme

united nations environment programme(unep--united nations environment programme,abbreviation unep) ,founded in 1973 and headquartered in nairobi, kenya, is one of only two global headquarters will be one of the un agencies in developing countries. all un member states, specialized agencies and the international atomic energy agency can join unep, 2009, more than 100 countries to participate in its activities. in the 21st century, the international community and governments of the world to the global environment and sustainable development prospects even more deeply concerned about, unep being more highly valued, and is playing a key role irreplaceable.

china environment federation

china environment federation(all-china environment federation,abbreviation foracef。)is approved by the state council, people's republic of china, ministry of civil affairs registered, sepa director, who by enthusiastic environmental protection, enterprises, institutions form of voluntary, non-profit, community organizations nationwide. china environment federation's aim is to focus on the implementation of the sustainable development strategy around the environment and achieve national development goals, around safeguarding the interests of the public and social environment, fully embodies the china environment federation "greater china, environment, coalition," the organizational advantages play bridge and link between government and society, and promote the cause of china's environmental development, promoting environmental progress of the cause of all mankind.

china environmental protection industry association

china environmental protection industry association, founded in 1993 (formerly known as the 1984 establishment of the china environmental protection industry association), is engaged by the registration registered in china's environmental protection industry in the research, design, production, distribution and service units as well as in china social organizations voluntary industry experts consisting of environmental protection industry, the regional qualification with the corporation, cross-sectoral, cross-ownership of a national, industry-based non-profit social organization. china environmental protection industry association, a total of 46 group members (provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, sub-provincial city environmental protection industry association), unit members over 1100, and through the provincial associations linked with tens of thousands of businesses.

chinese environmental protection industry alliance

china environmental protection industry alliance (abbreviation: epciu): short green china, is committed to promoting the "prevention of environmental pollution and improve the ecological environment, the protection of natural resources," the illegal people, activities, academic non-governmental organizations. union by the relevant government departments, industry associations, the mainstream media, leaders co-sponsored enterprises, and has been the community's attention and support. alliance purpose: to make the world a better environment. accelerate the industrial development of china's environmental protection cause, to create a mature industry chain, environmental protection, integration of government departments, research institutes, environmental companies, the mainstream media and other parties resources to promote the environmental protection industry, middle and downstream businesses effective integration, optimize the industrial structure, promote economic development .

china environmental culture promotion association

china environmental culture promotion association(the english name:china environmental culture promotion association,abbreviation:cecpa)people's republic of china under the ministry of environmental protection, the regional qualification with the corporation, cross-sectoral, national environmental nonprofit cultural organization. this will be by the community of experts and scholars, writers, artists, journalists, education workers, entrepreneurs and celebrities, such as voluntary joining composition.

chinese society for environmental sciences

chinese society for environmental sciences(english name:chinese society for environmental sciences;abbreviation:cses)in may 1978 approved the establishment, is the oldest in china, specializing in non-profit community organizations nationwide environmental non-governmental science and technology enterprise is the national institute of china association for science belongs level, cross-sectoral, cross-sectoral and horizontal linkages a wide range of advantages and characteristics. business unit in charge of china association for science and technology and the state environmental protection administration.

related news

wastewater treatment and solid waste disposal the most investment value & nbsp; 2010 年 10 月 15-18, the fifth plenary session of the seventeenth cpc central committee considered the national "twelfth five-year plan" strategic emerging industries. we interpret the meeting announcement believes that the government's determination and implementation of energy conservation target completely exceeded market expectations, and environmental protection industry will get an unprecedented policy and funding support. environmental protection industry is expected to be the introduction of relevant policies, which will hopefully inspire a new round of environmental protection market.

in the field of environmental protection industry, sewage treatment and solid waste disposal the most investment value. specifically, the upstream industry chain is environmentally friendly environmental protection equipment manufacturing, environmental protection infrastructure construction midstream and downstream is environmentally friendly infrastructure operations. environmental technology and process barriers upstream industry is relatively high, high return on investment in downstream industries, prone to explosive growth of the company. roi downstream industry will be limited trade policy, a major investment opportunity lies in mergers and acquisitions. we believe that the wastewater treatment and solid waste treatment and environmental protection industry is the most investment value of the sub-sector, industrial wastewater treatment investment opportunities in the upstream industry chain, sewage treatment investment opportunities in the downstream, solid waste disposal in the whole industry chain has investment opportunities.

from an investment point of view, we recommend choosing investment targets from the following three aspects: ⑴ have greater performance flexibility, may exceed the valuation of the company's space constraints; ⑵ driven by the subject matter, can stimulate the hot market companies; ⑶ performance of steady growth, by macroeconomic and market environment of smaller companies.[7] 


1. policy-driven industries, from environmental standards, regulations and environmental objectives-driven industries such as: s02 10% reduction of binding targets, led to the development of desulfurization industry; standard thermal power plant nox, controlled at 100 or 200, directly with the catalyst industry related.

2. the dependence of industrial development with environmental protection laws and regulations, pollution prevention and environmental protection objectives and focus on ecological protection determines the direction of development of environmental protection industry; environmental technology policy and various environmental standards, specifies the technical requirements for pollution prevention and control the type and level of control of pollutants, which determines the direction and level of environmental protection industry technology needs; environmental enforcement and environmental protection into a direct impact on the actual needs of the market environment.

3. with industry, environmental protection industry is to meet the public property of environmental needs, solve environmental problems target-oriented industries is to prevent pollution and improve the ecological protection of the resource base to provide material and technical support in the industry.

4the association between the level of environmental protection industry development level of industrial development and environmental protection goals determine environmental goals can be achieved.

9 significance

1. as one of the strategic emerging industries, the environmental protection industry is the material basis and technical support for environmental protection is an important support to promote energy conservation.

2. industries involved in various aspects of environmental protection technology, equipment, products, materials, engineering, services, and many sectors of the national economy has an associated role-round, multi-level.

3. the development of environmental protection industry, on the one hand increases the pollution control capabilities to provide the conditions for improving the quality of the environment; on the other hand, due to the environmental protection industry permeates all aspects of the national economy, with a chain length, wide design surface, influential and other characteristics, it has also led to the development of related industries, technological upgrading and industrial restructuring, increased employment opportunities and promote a stable and harmonious society.

10 current situation and problems

1. establish a relatively complete and has a certain scale of the industrial system, industrial scale and structure, technical level and degree of market increased dramatically. over the past 10 years, china's environmental protection industry output annual growth rate of 15-20%, exceeding gdp growth over the same period. it is estimated that in 2008 china's broad environmental protection industry output value reached 820 billion yuan, has accounted for 2.7% gdp. there are 35000 environmental companies, creating jobs more than 300 million people. has formed a number of comparative advantages and characteristics of the environmental protection industry clusters, the emergence of a group of more than 1 billion yuan annual output value of the modern environmental protection enterprises.

2. the lack of innovation in enterprises as the mainstay of environmental technology innovation system is not perfect, combination is not tight enough, inadequate investment in technology development. some of the core technology is not yet fully grasp some key equipment imported. market is not standardized, local protection, low-cost low-quality vicious competition phenomenon is particularly serious, pollution heavy construction, light management, low compliance rate of operation of the facility. structure is irrational, smaller enterprises, lower industry focus, the proportion of low environmental services, full-service system has not been established. policy mechanisms are inadequate, limited tax incentives related to environmental protection industry incentives, lack of guidance, inadequate laws and regulations, lack of execution, lack of capital investment, corporate finance difficult.