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shandong aobo environmental protection technology co., ltd.
article source : shandong aobo release time : 2015-04-27 pv :times

shandong aobo environmental protection technology co., ltd. is a registered trade and industry bureau of shandong province science and technology board for approval, shandong province, the hepa project's environmental technology companies.

the company is china textile association is a non-chinese association dust bag. the company is located in the "nine tianqu" in dezhou economic development zone, wuhan city, a beautiful environment and convenient transportation company location, away from beijing and jinan, respectively, for the three-hour and one hour. the company invested 12 million yuan of new plant covers an area of 130 acres with office buildings, research rooms, showrooms, high-temperature filter material smoke shop, air filter material workshop and other buildings. the company formerly known as wu county fiber plant since 1992 in the non-woven industry, the production of air filtration materials are exported all over the country, in order to adapt to the development of domestic and foreign markets, the company set up in shandong aobo environmental protection technology co., ltd. based on the original, and the integration of corporate resources to increase soot filter material and liquid filter material in the original foundation. the company has german nonwoven nonwoven lines, acupuncture hot melt hot production line, from materials to finished products have a variety of hot-rolled production lines and improve equality of treatment equipment and after hot japanese exclusive electromagnetic sewing bonding filter bag production line. technical support from the authorities of countries filter material - northeastern university, and dupont and basf have long-term business relationship, the company has specialized filtration and purification research and development room a sound technical service staff of 100 people.

shandong aobo environmental protection technology co., ltd. is engaged in the development, production and processing of professional bodies filter material and equipment. company products include air, dust and liquids three series of dozens of varieties of specific products have various junior high efficiency filter material and equipment, activated carbon, ion filter cotton, a variety of high temperature smoke antistatic filter material, fiberglass, and special fiber filter material and bag. there are outstanding features specific coating composite filter material, there are a variety of car fire, noise, filtering materials. liquid purification filter material and equipment.

shandong environmental protection technology co., ltd. is committed to obo motherland blue green water utilities, and colleagues across the country will work together for the country's environmental protection cause to do their part.