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enterprise mission - to create environmentally friendly products

to build world-class companies as the goal, unshaken take scientific innovation and development, innovative enterprise management, improve product quality, increase new product research and development, production and social needs of high-quality, high-tech environmentally friendly products.


corporate vision - to build a green ecology

establish their own goals, innovation, research and development efforts to create a new production. high standards and quality of environmental protection facilities launched to develop raw material forest, are highlights of the construction of green ecology, development of circular economy concept.

the company insisted on the creation of wealth for the community, that future generations to leave a blue sky, clear water for the concept, enterprise and the environment, resources, coordination of development, to the "green" road, the development of recycling economy, create green eco-industries, to people with nature live in harmony, to win the support and care for the community, create favorable conditions for the sustainable and healthy development.


the spirit of enterprise - learning beyond

learning, that through the efforts of employees to learn and practice, ongoing knowledge and experience, the moment of their knowledge, skills and concepts, such as updating the structure of their own culture in the past continue to be examined, and establish a new and higher cultural structure , self-improvement and upgrade from self-awareness.

beyond that employees continue to improve from day to day learning, to achieve a qualitative leap. concrete is again self-understanding, challenge themselves, and thus overcome the self, beyond the self, and ultimately surpass others, to success. beyond is a highest level, but also the staff in the learning process of continuous self-denial, self-improvement process an increase, in fact it is an innovative spirit.